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Transfiguration Catholic Community parish is embarking on a major interior renovation of the Church. Since 2011, we have been working on piece-meal maintenance of the church structure. We first of all repaired and replaced all the gutters on the roof. Then we worked on and restored the five clearstory Decorative strained glass art windows on the South elevation. Due to the state of disrepair on the hand painted Nativity stained glass window on the North elevation, we had to restore it immediately to stop water leakage during the rains. With that done, there was a need to also restore the hand painted Magi stained glass window opposite it. Other windows will be worked on with the money from Ravens parking, taking one window at a time.

Now we are ready to renovate the Church as you will see in the before and after photos posted in these pages. The pews have already been taken out for refinishing; the carpet will be replaced, lights will be restored; the Church will be painted and the mural of Transfiguration will be painted above the altar. The time frame for this project is 24 weeks, from October 7, 2013 through March of 2014.

I am inviting you to be a part of this noble project. Remember the words of King David in 1 Chronicles 22: 5; 7, “…The house to be built for Yahweh must be superlatively fine, the most famous and splendid in any country”, for “…my heart was set on building a house for the name of Yahweh my God”. This is what is in the heart of the parishioners and I hope this is what is in your heart also.


Welcome to our giving page, where you can make a donation towards our renovation project, make a gift or an offering to God in support of Transfiguration Catholic Community Parish. This page makes it easy for our Church Community to give gifts and make offerings via electronic payment. It is our hope that this important capability will meet the needs of our congregation and that of our friends who are sympathetic to our cause.

Forms of payment include personal check, Visa, Master and Discover credit cards. Should you have questions or issues with this service, please email the Pastor, Rev. Augustine Etemma Inwang, MSP, at ainwang@yahoo.com


Refund: Transfiguration Catholic Community Parish has a “No Refund” policy. No refunds will be provided for payments made to your account. If you have a question regarding your account or a payment contact our customer support representative at 410-685-5044. Transfiguration Catholic Community Parish reserves the right to modify this Refund Policy at its discretion. Any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately after posting of the revised Refund Policy on the Transfiguration Catholic Community parish website.


You will have the ability to set up a single or recurring offering. You will also be able to set up the date that your offering is to be made.


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